MBS Day Ahead: Don’t Let 3.0% Make You Dumber

As a result, the Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) fell to 63.3 percent: its lowest level since 1979. Remember: the LFPR calculation is quite simple. If you are 16 years old and not in the military, then you either have a job or you don’t. The ratio of people "participating" or working is then compared to the total population.

While there have been bigger days of outright movement in bond markets, you’d be hard-pressed to find a recent example of a day. don’t want to miss out on a good old-fashioned stock market rout..

Manhattan’s would-be homebuyers are in no rush to make deals, while the number of condos and co-ops on the market continues to rise. Purchases dropped for a sixth straight quarter in the first three months of 2019 as sellers struggled to cut prices deeply enough to attract offers.

By Matthew Graham Posted To: MBS Commentary You won’t be able to avoid "3% 10yr Treasury Yields" this week. For starters, 10’s have already hit 3.0033% today, but simply being close seems to have everyone inside and outside the industry talking.

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So, if you’re like me – always a day late on the pulse of what the kids are in to- no doubt you just stumbled into Taylor Swift’s newest earworm, "You Need To Calm Down". Like all of her work. its cotton candy made audible. Lyrics, if you don’t pay attention to them, are superficial and trite as an eight grade girl trying to be edgy.

MBS Day Ahead: China Tariff News May Not Be Enough For Bonds Mortgage rates today, March 11, 2019, plus lock recommendations mbs recap: big Help From Europe; NFP Up Next – Today was all about the european central bank’s surprisingly. The details check out. They said rates would stay low at least through 2019 They unveiled new targeted loans, as rumored several days.The end of the tariff truce between the US and China has discombobulated investors. china has not specified its retaliatory measures, and most observers seem to still be expecting a formal.

Ruby Henley Posted on 6/14/2018 2:41:11 PM by davikkm The Country and the World is a better place today due to President Donald Trump Let the haters hate but they look like fools at this point Of course I am talking about Mainstream Media They stick out like a sore thumb don’t they It is difficult to watch as they stumble over themselves.

A major bank just announced the lowest 10-year fixed mortgage rate ever  · Dozens of employees at Deutsche Bank’s offices walked in to work on Monday morning to discover their jobs were gone. About 50 of the German bank’s Australian staff were made redundant as part of a.How to get the best mortgage rate MBS Day Ahead: Month/Quarter-End Tradeflows Make For uncertain conclusions industry, and approximately 14 years before that in mining and. Tronox's costs and would make Tronox “on par with Chemours in terms. period” ended “30 days. after the date of substantial compliance” as.. The tio2 price cycle peak in the first quarter of 2012.. synergy uncertain and speculative.MBS RECAP: Several reasons bonds tanked today Know How To Earn VIDEO OF THE DAY DAILY FX global foreign exchange news & Views, Plus: The Automatically Updated Daily FX Playlist These daily updates help keep you informed aboutTo get the lowest home equity loan rate. Calculate your loan-to-value ratio. Compare rates and fees from three lenders, including your current mortgage lender. Consider a HELOC or personal loan if.

The IMF cut Japan’s 2011 growth forecast to 1.4 percent from a previous projection of 1.6 percent in January and cut its forecast for the United States to 2.8 percent from 3.0 percent. but we’ll.